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09 December 2012

All Good Things

All good things must come to and end and this blog is one of them.

History really doesn't define artists who are moving through different 
environments, but there's quite a history of them doing so. George 
Catlin went with missionaries into the western U.S. to paint the 
American Indian; military's of the world brought along painters into 
war zones and still continue to; Impressionists moved around Europe; 
Paul Gauguin traveled by boat to the Marquesas Island; and today's 
travel painters can take a trip to so many destinations in such a short 
time by plane, train, car, boat, or bike for transportation.

I intended this blog to help define what it is to be a modern-day travel 
painter working with a rich history. It been fun reading about everyone 
and the different ways in which we work. Travel Painting is not easy 
nor is it for the weak of heart. There can be a lot of fear to overcome 
long before we get to wherever we are going. What a treat it's been to 
experience all these cultures at a time of so much change. Remember 
the journey is the destination.                                           

                                      To all of you, Gregg Fretheim 

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