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08 May 2008

A Travel Story from Peru by Nilton La Rosa

I think that is very exiting to see somebody coming from so faraway, just to do what he love. I meet Gregg in Pisco; we know each other for 4-5 years. It’s so cool to remember all the places we have visit in Peru and South America.

I was 16 years old when I first met him, I was sitting on a sofa in a Hostal and then he sat beside me; I was working as a tour seller, so the first thing I ask him was, where he come from? and what he was in Pisco for?, he answer me that, he was from the US and that he was in Pisco for tourism; so I thought that he looked like a good client, so we keep talking, and then he asked me for a place where he can paint some fishing boat and how much it will cost him for me to take him there; I just charged him my daily salary, so, he agreed with the price. The plan was only to take him to a fishing port for one day; but I never expect that we would go to so many places and so faraway, with was the best experience of my life, of course I was earning more money and getting a lot of experience; I also want to say that it was very good to travel with Gregg, because he was a very happy person.

Our first trip was to the south of Peru, later we also when to Bolivia, Argentina and Chile for three month, that was the longest trip that I have done in my life, I really enjoy everything; it was so cool to see Gregg doing his painting, so I already start doing painting as well; well I’m not good at it, but I already know what Gregg feel when he is setting there very concentrated doing the thing he love. Our best trip was in the Peruvian Jungle; we when to the east of Lima to La Merced, but our destination was Atalalla-Pucallpa, so we had to go through Satipo and Puerto Ocopo get a boat for 6 hour to Atalalla and then get a bigger boat to Pucallpa. This wasn’t the regular GRINGO trail, but the reason why we decide to go by this area, was because we wanted to see the real life stile of the jugle people and we really did. One day we took a tour for Gregg to paint a water fall, and to get to the water fall we had to walk down a cliff full of trees, there was a heavy rain the night before, so our guide was always asking us to be careful because it was very slippery and there can be some snakes on the way; this was making everything more exiting; later from one moment into the other Gregg slipped and he was close to fall over the cliff, but I immediately grab his feet, this was very scare but we anyways continue.

I think that travel is a good thing in Life and way more when you travel doing the thing you love; is also good for you to open your mine and see that the world is more than what you imagine.

I hope that Gregg never stop traveling and doing painting, but anyways if he one day stop, then I will continue!!! Thank you very much for you help Gregg, a part of my house is already rebuild thank to you; there still a lot to rebuild, but I will keep working hard to rebuild my whole house. Everybody is welcome to PerĂº; I will be here for anybody who need my help, Nilton La Rosa.

Nilton La Rosa Ramos is a tour guide from Pisco, Peru, a reliable travel companion, and a great friend. Since the catastrophic earthquake hit Pisco last August, Nilton has been slowly rebuilding his family's home and resumed giving tours to travelers trickling back into the area. A fund has been set up to help the La Rosa family. Donations can be made to the The La Rosa Donation Fund at any Wells Fargo bank within the USA. Nilton can be contacted at turisnilton@yahoo.com.

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